When are the best times to post in Social Media?

The best times to post in Social Media

How do you make sure that people will read your post? When are the best times to post in Social Media portals such as  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+? Believe it or not, there is a time for everything, especially on social media.

The best times to post in Social Media: Facebook

Monday until Friday between 6am and 8am and between 2pm and 5pm in the afternoon. Facebook’s quitest time is between 10pm and 4am. When it comes to the best possible days to get the most likes or shares, Thursday & Friday are great days to save your very best memes or content.

When using Facebook always use a company page, this also give’s you the opportunity to advertise your post. Make sure your profile is up to date and completed with links to your website.
Recently Facebook introduced hashtags, so start using them from now on. Your post can be easily found that way, and it will surprise you just how many people will actually see your post. This is worth testing out on your own, so we recommend getting started!

The best times to post in Social Media: Twitter

All day’s of the week between 1-3 in the afternoon especially on the weekend.
Twitter tends to quiet down between 8 in the evening and 8 in the morning.

Only recently you can now use photos on Twitter. Posting with images are more likely to be viewed, read and shared. Also the interaction like conversations are shown in the timeline, which makes it more important to be social on Twitter.

The best times to post in Social Media: LinkedIn

Every day between 7 and 8.30 in the morning and between 5 and 6 in the afternoon.
Quiet time for LinkedIn is Monday and Friday between 9 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon.

Most people use the ‘inform me by email’ setting on LinkedIn, therefore, they will see in their email the headline and first sentence of your newly published post or blog. So make sure your headlines grab attention! When you use the company page on LinkedIn you get free statistics on your posts. It is also advised to join specific groups around the area of your expertise and get involved by often engaging.


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The best times to post in Social Media: Google+

Everyday between 9am and 11am in the morning. Google+ quiets down around 6pm until 7am in the morning.

Make sure to create a company page on Google+, this will also show in the search results, which is very important for your rankings in Google. In our experience the Google+ groups get you the most attention and traffic. Make sure that your post is shown in the groups of your expertise or interests.

The best times to post in Social Media: Pinterest

Saturday morning and all afternoons between 2pm and 4pm, and between 8pm and 11pm in the evening. For Pinterest the quiet period tends to happen in the evening between 1am and 7am.

Pinterest is all about the pictures, so when you have great photo’s make sure you post them to Pinterest. If you install the Pinterest button in your browser menu it is very easy to ‘pin’ photo’s from your website to your Pinterest account.

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Top 5 best planning tools

So, now you know the best times to post in Social Media, how do you manage all of this? As you can clearly see, you will need to post on all the social media networks at different times. Managing this doesn’t have to be difficult because there are several online tools/software that can help:

  1. Sprout Social: Supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Pricing starts at $59/user/month.
  2. Hootsuite: Supports Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Hootsuite offers a free plan, paid plans start at $9/month.
  3. Agorapulse is a social media management toolkit for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Pricing starts at $29 per month
  4. Buffer covers all Social Networks except for Instagram. Buffer offers a free version. Paid plans start at $9 per month.
  5. Sendible is a Social Media marketing platform supporting 30+ networks. Pricing starts at $59 per month.


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I am personally a big fan of Hootsuite, it does everything for me that I want, if only we could connect our Google Business + pages, we would be even happier but hey ho! It does allow me to create various managers of the many accounts we run at Plush Media and the scheduling system is super handy. You can get a free months trial so it does not hurt to sign up and give it a try, you’ll be surprised how easy you will find it works!


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