VIDEO MARKETING: 400% more leads using video marketing in real estate

When it comes to marketing your properties for sale, you may be under the impression that leads are more likened to the holy grail then anything else. But what if we told you there is a way, and the answer has been in front of you for a few years now!

Keep reading, and find out how you can increase your leads by an astounding 400%!

How do you let future property buyers feel that your particular property is indeed the place that they are looking for? 90% of people who want to buy a house start searching online and it is a lot harder today to sell a house with only words and a few photo’s. How do you give them the experience of walking in the house itself? If you want to stand out online, really get the attention of all those people searching online for their new home, nothing works better than showing them a video or virtual tour of the house. Did you know that 58% of buyers want and expect to see video of a house they’re looking at online?

Marketing your Property with Videos

An Australian real estate company noticed that property listings with a video got 400% more leads then the ones with only photo’s. We at Plush media had the same results for our latest project, using video marketing in this campaign resulted in a lead generation increase by more then 450%.

Realise that nowadays 30% of our time spent online is watching video’s and by 2017 it’s estimated that 74% of all Internet traffic will be video. A research done by NAR (Nationals association of Realtor) shows us that 73% of the sellers would choose a real estate agent who could market their property with video. But fewer than 5% of agents actually do this! A big opportunity for you, as a real estate agent.

Not convinced yet? Here are some statistics that will blow your mind!

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On the first page of Google with Video Marketing

YouTube is now the second largest search engine, behind Google. It has been discovered that using video’s and decent optimization results in a 57% more chance to show up on the first page of Google. Keep in mind that people who search for houses online start with Google and it will be no surprise that using video’s for your listings result in more traffic to your website and properties.

70% remembers your property

People only remember 20% of what they hear and 30% of what they see, but 70% remembers what they see and hear! Forrester research even shows that 1 minute of video equals the value of reading 1.8 million words.

Video marketing is the Future

19% better email campaign open-rate

Video’s are the most shared content, therefore it reaches way more people then a picture. Research showed that if you mention a video in the subject line of your email campaign the open rate increased with 19%

65% increase clicks to website

When you use video in your email campaigns the number of people visiting your website increases with 65% (research Syndacast). Research of the Forrester group about this subject showed an increase of 200% in clicks to website after using video’s.

Longer visits and better lead generation on your website

People who visit your website will on average spend about 50 seconds on your site. But! That will increase enormously to 5 minutes when you offer them video’s. Landing pages with video marketing have up to 800% greater conversion rates than the same pages without video.

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Social engagement

People love video’s and that is why videos are shared 1200% more than links and text combined.

Real Estate & Video Marketing

Want to know more?

At plush media we are specialised in real estate marketing online and experts in multimedia like video’s & virtual tours. We would love to meet for free advice and a fresh cup of coffee.

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