Use These 6 Tips To Take Your Blog Content To The Next Level

Blog content is important for a site’s branding, to get it’s message across and also for it’s SEO. Getting it right is very important. So, here are five tips to take your blog’s branding to the next level.


  1. Get The Editorial Calendar Plugin For WordPress

One of my top recommendations is to get the Editorial Calendar plugin for WordPress. In essence, it adds a calendar to the administrative section of your WordPress site where you can view all of the posts that you have scheduled for the whole month in one place. Changing the schedule is easy. All that you have to do is click and drag posts wherever you want them. There is also a section where you can jot down ideas for new posts or keep copies of drafts. Even though you can track your posts in a similar way using a traditional paper planner, this plug-in is far more convenient. It allows you to organize everything quickly and makes it much easier to stay on track.


  1. Start Keeping A Notebook With You At All Times

No matter where I am going or what I am doing, I always carry a notebook with me. In some cases, I take a paper notebook. In other cases, I rely on the notepad app on my phone. Either way, I always make sure I have a way to take notes.

One thing that I have noticed is that when you spend a lot of time focusing on a particular skill or topic, your brain starts to see the world around you a little bit differently. For instance, when I was taking a lot of photographs, I started to view the world in a different way, seeing opportunities for amazing photos all around me. Today, the same thing happens in terms of blog posts. Because I spend so much time thinking about my blog, my brain is always subconsciously searching for new ideas. Oftentimes, I get inspiration from the strangest places. Perhaps I am waiting in my dentist’s office and the painting on the wall inspires an idea. Maybe I am grabbing a cup of coffee at the coffee shop and am inspired by the conversation that the people behind me are having. You never know when inspiration might strike. The key is to write those ideas down right away – otherwise, you may forget them.


  1. Design Your Blog Around Several Different Themes

When you are setting up your blog, you should choose a few different themes that you want to focus on. For instance, with my blog, I generally focus on business, creativity, and self-growth. These topics are all related to one another. At the same time, however, they are diverse enough that the content doesn’t get boring from one week to the next.


  1. Figure Out The Best Time To Publish Your Content

Track the traffic to your website for a few weeks to see which days are the busiest. For me, my site gets the most views on Tuesdays. This information is easy to keep track of using Google Analytics. On your dashboard, you can see the total number of visitors who came to your site as well as the number of pages that they viewed. Try publishing new content during whichever times your blog is the busiest in order to make the most of your traffic.


  1. Less is More

Quality is better than quantity and creating the right content, for the right audience is pivotal. A lot of blogs go for the more is more approach and create lots of content, much of which isn’t especially high quality. A more targeted, higher end approach is often a far better way forward. If you want to delve deeper, this website looks at why too much content maybe a bad thing and proposes ways to ensure you’re making the most of your efforts.


  1. Discuss Your Ideas With Others

As you develop your ideas, it is a good idea to talk about them with people that you trust. It isn’t about getting outside approval for your posts. Instead, discussing your ideas with other people helps to flesh them out so that they are more well-developed and more complete. Other people may be able to provide you with different viewpoints or other ways of thinking about the topic, as well. Think about the people in your life and try to find a few different people who would be willing to act as sounding boards for your ideas.


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