Tips to Market your Tutor Business

The summer holiday is about to start, and while the thing on the minds of many people is how they are going to spend their day basking in the sun, there are some teachers who will be going to work during the summer months – with most of them as tutors.

The school holidays are a great time for students to get ahead or keep up to date with their subjects, especially for those with exams pending, students or parents may be seeking an a level tutor or a GCSE tutor to ensure that students get the best start to the academic year.

Below are some tips that will go a long way in helping you with your tutoring business and keep your cash flowing throughout the summer months.

  1. Creating Professional Marketing Materials

When designing business cards and flyers, make sure they are eye-catching. There are some websites like Vistaprint which you can use in creating professional postcards without breaking the bank. Vistaprint can also help you print business cards. Ensure you have included your contact info, credentials, and website (if you happen to have one), as well as your subject area specialties and grade level.

  1. Posting Flyers on Local Community Boards

Start by making a list of some of the places parents frequently visit in your local community, like churches, coffee shops, supermarkets, pizzerias, ice cream parlours, libraries, and after-school clubs. You should first ask if they allow flyers on their boards.

  1. Reaching Out to Your Personal Contacts

One of the most powerful forms of marketing is word of mouth. This is because people tend to trust recommendations from people they know. You should reach out to people you know and let them know you are a tutor. You can send out a hard copy or digital flyer to your friends, family, and neighbours and ask them to give it to anyone who might need your services. You should also tell your colleagues where you teach. You can talk to the secretary and ask her to refer parents to you if they inquire about tutoring.

  1. Using Social Media

Social media is an effective marketing tool that can help you reach out to many people in a short period of time. Many tutors post their businesses on Facebook. You should find where your audience is then posting your services there. One obvious option is the local mom groups on Facebook. You can use any social media platforms, provided your potential clients are there. Make sure that the posts are engaging (this can be through using a quote or an image) so that people can share or like the post when they come across it, which will increase your reach.

  1. Online Tutoring Agency

Join and post on online tutoring agencies such as My Tutor because it is very effective in getting your name to people who are looking to hire a tutor. The downside of signing up with an agency is the fact that it will charge you a fee or take a cut from what you earn, however your reach will be much wider than without them.

  1. Local Advertising

There are some traditional advertising methods that still work, and people have been able to get results. Some of them include a classified section on the local newspaper and direct mail. There are also many free online directories, examples being Google Places, Angie’s List, and Yahoo!

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