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Mailchimp has long been the leading email newsletter software online, but in the past years, many new similar software have started to emerge and some with even better options than you would get in Mailchimp! So we have done a bit of research and have found the best Mailchimp alternative currently on the market.

The software we present to you today is Omnisend. Not only is omnisend the best Mailchimp alternative, it also has some additional features that we think Mailchimp could have thought of too!

So let’s start with the basics:


Contacts & Emails

First off, and a HUGE advantage is that in Omnisend, the free account will allow you to have 15000 contacts (as opposed to the 2000 you get in Mailchimp). 

Furthermore, you can send up to 15000 emails per month in the free account of Omnisend. In Mailchimp that is 12000. 

Omnisend has a very clever segmentation builder which will help you create the perfect mailing lists for you in a much more effective way then you would in Mailchimp too!


The functionality

The majority of the functionality that mailchimp offers is also available in Omnisend, and then some! 

Omnisend has focussed its software more towards the online shops, it will allow you to pull products from your website direct into your newsletter, saving you tons of time. 

You will get the same (very similar looking!) drag & drop builder, there’s plenty of email templates to choose from, the software is mobile responsive and it offers discount code integration too. 

However, something Mailchimp does not have is the “saveable content blocks” and “default theme colors” which is an absolute MUST especially when you are in the marketing industry and have to send out newsletters for lots of clients! 

It allows you to save the settings (colors, fonts, padding, backgrounds, everything!) so the next email you write will sue the exact same style. Brilliant! 

Furthermore, they really thought about lead conversion and have come up with some excellent “gamified” opties such as a “wheel of fortune popup” or attractive CTA buttons. 



Integrating Omnisend into your website could not be easier either. 

First they have the option to just connect the tool to all your existing contact forms through a very easy to use interface. 

Secondly you can easily add the sign up box to your website using a small bit of code that you add to the header of each page. 

As opposed to Mailchimp, the Omnisend sign up box is configured in your omnisend account and automatically updates on your site. It works as an “overlay” rather than an embedded form, which makes it work perfectly on all devices ( Mailchimp’s forms are so hard to configure on WordPress without having to add another plugin that slows your site down, so kudo’s for omnisend for fixing this issue! ) 



Comparing the pricing of Omnisend to Mailchimp is difficult because both work on the basis of the amount of users, but here’s what we found: 

The Omnisend free plan can be compared to the “standard” paid plan in Mailchimp. So where you pay €9,99 in Mailchimp, you would not pay anything with Omnisend. 

To compare the paid plans is a little more difficult as they are both based on the number of users you have, but Say you have 15000 contacts and want to send 15000 emails per month, in Omnisend you would pay 16€ per month, as opposed to Mailchimp where you pay 170€. 

Even if you increase your plan to the Pro plan in Omnisend you would pay just 99€ compared to the 135€  standard account in Mailchimp. 

There’s definitely a saving to be had there! 



There’s tons more features to discover in Omnisend, if you’re looking for automation, custom filters, tags and segments. 

Furthermore, Omnisend can also be connected to your social media channels, it will connect with your online shop to track customer behaviour on your website and works very nicely with Google Ads. 

Lastly, the pricing of Omnisend is definitely in your favor, the free account already gives so much, but then the paid accounts are definitely at least 15% cheaper, if not more. 

Making the switch is easy too, as Omnisend have a tool that imports all your contacts you have in Mailchimp direct into your Omnisend account. No fuss! 

So when you’re ready to make the switch, go ahead and create your first free account. You’ll soon be hooked! 



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