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SEO in 2016

If there is one thing you can depend on when it comes to SEO, it is constant changes. SEO is constantly evolving, yet somethings remain the same. There are tactics that use to work and work well, however, using these old tactics can now get you penalised. There are newer tactics that if not used correctly, can also get you penalised. Then of course there are the “constants”, the tactics that have forever remained, and some of these, we’re willing to bet you might have forgotten about.

SEO is just a word, however it is a word that actually represents different branches of online marketing. Many are under the impression that SEO only involves your website, and nothing more. But, SEO encompasses many different facets of online marketing.

The point is when it comes to SEO, and online marketing, in order to successfully rank online, you must follow the trends, but above all else keep your nose clean. Google is one search engine among many, but, they are the powerhouse you must bow down to. The guidelines they enforce are mostly (if not all) followed by the other major search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and etc. SEO today has grown significantly for one reason and one reason only – Google’s goal to clean up searches.

When we make a query or enter keywords in the search, you are expecting the best possible answer. Therefore, Google’s job becomes very finite and rather straightforward – they must supply you, the browser with the answers you are looking for. The SERP’s, search engine results pages, is what appears after you do your query. Those who rank first page are indeed the lucky one’s. Odds are their ROI is incredible, and their SEO and online marketing efforts have paid off.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had that chance to shine? In all cases, most will think it’s an impossible feat to out weigh major competitors in the SERP’s, and this is where we at Plush Global Media like to tell you, you’re wrong! You can succeed online, and you can be first choice in the search engines. In this course, we focus on recent changes or “Google’s shake ups”, and show you the old tactics that are dead and buried, and one’s you can still use.

SEO Course – How to in 2016

This course focuses on how you can become a part of the SERPs and rank on page one. It shows you some tips and tricks on what you can do to improve your rankings online. It also talks about some old tactics that still work, and some you shouldn’t even blink twice at. Are you ready to get started and start winning at SEO?

Let’s do this…

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How to_ SEO 2016 Course 2


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