SEO 2016: Google’s Getting Smarter

Note: This is a continuation of our blog – SEO 2016: Are Keywords Dead?

Is Google Building Robots to Take Over the World?

Oh come on…don’t be silly! Of course not, they’re just dabbling in AI or otherwise known as Artificial Intelligence. It is after all 2016, and SEO 2016 is shaking things up!

Skynet anyone?

It’s no conspiracy – Google’s Brain, AI or Machine technology is very real. Google is one step closer to knowing just about everything there is to know about YOU, US, ME! Sure, they’ve got a much politer way of saying it; “deep learning software”, as in learning more about us…the little humans that were once big and built the pyramids.


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The so-called “Google Brain” project began in 2011 as a part-time research collaboration between Google Fellow Jeff Dean, Google Researcher Greg Corrado, and Stanford University professor Andrew Ng. Ng had been interested in using deep learning techniques to crack the problem of artificial intelligence since 2006, and in 2011 began collaborating with Dean and Corrado to build a large-scale deep learning software system, DistBelief, on top of Google’s cloud computing infrastructure. The effort became a successful Google X project, and was said to have paid for the entire cost of Google X by Astro Teller.

Google is Super Smart

Google's Project X

Okay, so we guess it’s safe to say that Google is becoming self aware…er, sorry, I mean Google is becoming more sophisticated. Here is what we’ve discovered – instead of Google doing what they did for a very long time, which was looking specifically at search queries based on only keyword terms; today, these terms are now being analyzed to deduce user intent. Does this mean Google wants to anticipate what you want before you know what you want? Perhaps…or maybe this is just another crazy conspiracy theory?

Alright, but what does this mean when it comes to researching keywords? In the most general of terms, you need to start thinking like Google. Google is always wondering what’s on your mind, they want to dive deep into that brain of yours and gather as much info as they can. In order to give you the best possible online experience, which includes giving you the answers you need or producing the best possible sites to find what you want, Google is simply getting to know you.

Now there’s a concept eh!

SEO & Understanding Audience

Imagine for one moment actually knowing your audience? Imagine directly targeting your exact desired audience through advertising, social media, landing pages or organically with your website? Doing this would get you the leads, and the conversions at almost the same time. It’s not as difficult as you might think. It’s actually the most common sense solution you will hear with regards to SEO onsite, and online marketing in general.


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While performing your keyword research, instead of gathering hundreds of keywords, long tail keywords or keyword phrases, why not take from your findings to learn more about your audience and their needs and interests? Client care and customer service just might be making the comeback of a lifetime!

Back in one of my seminars last year, I mentioned one specific trick still very relevant now – especially with the latest trends. One incredible way to know your audience intimately (from a buying perspective) is to look at your top competitors. Not necessarily your direct local competitors, but go to the very top. Find a blog or article or even some testimonials and reviews: read carefully through the comments the readers are making. Ask a few simple questions:

  • What do they love best about the product or service?
  • What are they complaining about or getting angry about?
  • What questions are they asking?

Take your time and go through as many competitors as you can, and read carefully from the comment sections. Answer those important questions based on your own expertise about that service or product, more importantly, secure those keywords (longtail or othewise), and present them in a title for your blog or article.

SEO 2016 & user intent

Yes, I am telling you to take those comments, especially the complaints and questions, and give them the desired answer they want. By using their own queries in a comment section, you have a huge opportunity to corner the niche. Don’t get frustrated, just answer their questions. Odds are many others are disappointed, we simply can’t make everyone happy no matter how hard we try, therefore they are looking elsewhere now for what they need from a company to satisfy them. YOUR online company might just be exactly what they want…as long as you follow our advice.

Reconnect with Your Audience, Build Your Brand, and Give Them What They Want

Tips & tricks in the online SEO world is everywhere, but the trouble is many agencies just read from the experts, and spit out the data, re-spun into their own words. In retrospect many fail to answer any legitimate questions you are asking. This is where small business owners or even large corporations can get very frustrated. So much so, that many simply give up on SEO or convince themselves organic search listings are useless.

But, giving up won’t help you with your online business. Mobile usage is at an all time high, and video marketing is the future; where you can expect a 400% increase in leads and conversions.

Social media is playing an even bigger part, and social media has been declared Queen. So, just like content is King, social media is queen. The two are always sticking together and rarely leave each others side. But does the Queen really have anything to offer when it comes to ranking or getting leads?

YES – more than you know.

After one full year of advertisement experiments, we discovered some shocking statistics. I’ll let you in on some of our findings, but for the rest, you’re going to have to wait for the ebook. There are two sure fire ways to learn about your audience, which includes their likes and interests – through Facebook advertisement. The new Facebook audience builder is incredible, and we recommend you give us a call to get it all set-up for you.


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You see, Facebook is capable of generating a significant amount of leads, the only thing left for you to do is sell them the product or better yet, turn them into loyal customers. Through Facebook this can be achieved, and we will show you how in the coming months with our eBook, and a new seminar in the second week of February.

At this seminar, we will show you how all of the big social platforms work when it comes to using their advertising tools. We’ve even discovered the EXACT answer, you real estate agents have been dying to find out!

SEO 2016 Conclusion – Google Really Is God Now, But You Get to Stay One Step Ahead

How do you stay ahead of Google? I’ll make this short, and give it to you in bullet points.

  • Reconnect with your customers, audience or clients
  • Brand yourself, meaning use branded keywords
  • Understand and emphasize with your audience. After all, we all know what we really want
  • Use the data, software, and builders at your disposal. Remember, Google analytic is free, so is Google Webmaster Tools, Facebook page insights, and insights and analytic data in general across all the major social platforms are FREE.
  • If you use WordPress, utilise the best possible plugins to help you and the website
  • Continue with keywords, research and collect, most all use all that data to your advantage including a competitor analysis.
  • Thing outside the box and spend a day reading all the comments you can possibly handle from competitor sites
  • Write content, answering complaints, and customer questions on your own site; therefore attaining and retaining clients or customers.
  • Become the authority on your niche – big hint, you should already be an authority considering it’s your own business
  • Finally, content is King, and Social Media is Queen. Use them together, and often.
  • Learn about advertising…better yet, hire us at Plush Global Media to do it for you.

The thing is as marketing professionals or simply SEO experts, you must depend on the experts, authoritative industry leaders or teachers; and the reason is very straight forward – experimentation, case studies, white papers, ebooks, and “how to” blog content, telling you what to do or what to expect.

Here’s where I can 100% agree:

If we look back since the dawn of Google, we can see very specific trends taking place; but more importantly we see an evolution. This evolution encompasses a few very important factors about Google’s organic search results:

  • The Google algo has drastically changed and evolved over the years…obviously.
  • The way keywords are valued and crawled has majorly evolved over the past decade or so.
  • Google is directing or should I say, “pushing” you towards Google AdWords

Believe or not, it all comes back to common sense, and some underlying knowledge of SEO basics. The past few years within the online world has dramatically changed, but at least for the better. One thing is certain about Google though, they will always be looking for ways to improve search results, giving YOU the browsers/searchers EXACTLY what you are looking for. This keyword evolution mentioned earlier is by far the best example on how Google approaches organic results in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages).

Happy SEO’ing!

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