No matter where you go, you can’t hide from the internet. That’s a fact! Another undeniable fact is the internet is forever. There of course are people that cannot be found online, but anyone who has a large business, or even a small title within a community, will sooner or later be found online.

Reputation Management Online

Once you are found online, it is almost impossible to get rid of the information that appears, so what if the content that shows up is not the positive content you were hoping for?

As soon as you start working online, even if you open an innocent facebook account, your image is out there for anyone to find, and if you care about your online reputation, you need to take charge of your online content before others do.

Our company specialises in VIP Profile Management, and reputation management online. We have a large variety of VIP’s on our books that, like you, simply don’t have the time to check their online status every day. Therefore, they leave it in our capable hands, knowing that if anything negative shows up, it will be targeted by our company with positive content.

We Give you Back your Power Online

Reputation management is about taking control of your online content. When you are in charge of what people find out about you online, your image will always stay in tact. As soon as someone else gets their hands on our online content, it will be very hard, and expensive, to make it disappear. This is why we always recommend preventative measures.

Take action before it is too late!


With our specialised content marketing packages we make sure everything written about you online is positive and informative. One popular option for example is starting a blog site about you or your company, which involves posting informative and SEO rich blogs making sure that when people search for you or your business online, they only find interesting & positive information.

Managing the Bad Press

If the damage has already been done, the last thing you should do is spend all your time and energy in fighting the online bullies. Leave it in the hands of experts, and assure your clients everything is fine, we take care of the rest.

We make the bad content disappear, and fast. How long are you prepared to wait? Contact us today about reputation management, and controlling your content online.

Just opening a social media account to control your content doesn’t cut it. You have to engage with them, and make them want to engage with you. This needs to be done often, and more importantly with passion.

Social Media Management done Right

If you are like most of our clients, you will be too busy to look after a Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram or LinkedIn account. Updating your information daily with different content on each of these accounts almost becomes a day job, and it really is.

Don’t let others get hold of your un-opened Social Media accounts, take charge now and let us set them up for you with accurate information, while matching profile images or branding.

There is nothing worse than receiving bad reviews about your business, especially when they have been written by your competition or a disgruntled ex-employee.

Managing Bad Reviews

You can take charge of these accounts by letting us set up your administrator rights to all your profiles, managing your accounts, report any inaccurate information as spam, and adding positive and relevant information in its place.

You can’t remove bad online reviews yourself, but there are certainly ways to make them disappear from the first page of the search engines.


Social Media Management

Our Social Media Management Packages include:

  • Set up of all major social media accounts
  • Creation of cover images & banners
  • CTA buttons for companies
  • Creation of viral content
  • Creation of viral memes
  • Reporting of in-accurate accounts
  • Deletion of ghost accounts
  • Creation of ghost accounts
  • Increasing likes / followers & fans
  • Creation of social ads & lead generation

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Social Media Optimisation Services
Content management by Plush Global Media

Content Management

Our content management services include

  • Blog writing
  • Article writing
  • Press release writing
  • Content submission
  • Link Building
  • Bookmarking
  • SEO enriching
  • Website content creation
  • Content research


Reviews & Communities

Our review & community services include

  • Acquiring of real and positive reviews
  • Sinking of bad reviews
  • Link Building
  • Maintaining online communities in your name
  • Researching negative reviews
  • Responding to received reviews
  • Interacting with online clients

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Review management
We manage your online reputation

Reputation Management

Our reputation management services include

  • Sinking of bad online content
  • Occupy first pages in online search engines
  • Occupy negative keywords with positive content
  • Negative link building
  • Positive content writing
  • Press releases, articles & SEO rich blogger accounts
  • Competitor analysis



We take great care to keep the identity of our VIP Profile Management clients a secret, so they can enjoy our services with peace of mind that we will be discreet and courteous with regards to their profiles. 

The below reviews are from some of our happy clients, but for the above reason we can not reveal their identities. 

Belone a Partner

I was increasingly receiving bad reviews online, spread around by my competitors. I was at my wits end until I heard of Plush Global Media. They took charge of my online content, and now the first 2 pages in Google are all my personal content, which I control. My attackers are on page 10. It was definitely worth every penny I invested in this project. I can’t thank you enough!

Managing Director Anonymous

Belone a Partner

I thought I was safe from online bullies because I am just a normal guy. But I sent a revealing image to my ex years ago, and she decided to publish it. I did not want my employers to find out so I contacted Plush and they made it go away. They also helped me prove who posted the images. I now have a strong lawsuit against my ex, thanks to Plush!

World Travler,  Anonymous

Belone a Partner

Thanks Plush for looking after all my socials for me! I don’t know what I would do without you! You have been a great help, looking after my fans for me when my career took off! Highly recommend their services! Thanks!

Country Girl,  Anonymous


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