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Have you booked your businesses virtual tour yet?
Now is the time to get in on the action…the digital media action that is! Now more than ever before, the importance of marketing your business online can no longer be ignored. The old adage “in with the new and out with old” has never been more relevant like it is today in 2015. An online marketing presence is essential for the overall success of your small (or large) business.

The iSTAR & Virtual Tours

Introducing Plush Media – Digitally Mapping the Globe

Well, at least that’s the attempt we are going for…world domination. Are we aiming too high? We don’t think so, and neither does Google. Google local is a force to be reckoned with, and if your business address isn’t included, you don’t really have a leg to stand on. Sure you can depend on word of mouth, and that’s just dandy for the locals; but what about the millions of tourists you might be missing out on?

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It’s not an impossible feat, and more than likely you are saying to yourself, ‘how do I really compete here?’ – we can certainly answer this question for you, but first let us ask you a few questions of our own:

Have you even tried to compete online?
How do you know you’ll fail if you haven’t even tried?
Do you have any sort of budget set aside for online marketing?
Do you ever stop to see what it is exactly that your competitors are doing to outwit you?

Google Local for Business

What if we told you we offer a powerful marketing weapon for just under 100€?

Virtual Tours for Your Small Business – Just the Marketing Weapon You Were Looking For

It’s a fact, the world is plugged in, and the world is online and embracing new technologies. It almost seems like every day we hear about a tech company that has come up with a new and innovative way too make our lives easier. The world is closer together, and viral sharing on social media is now just a way of life.

Online Marketing

Before we begin to try and sell you a virtual tour, let’s take a look at some facts and figures. We begin by taking a short journey through the evolution of photography:

Black & white photography
Colour photography
3D imagining
Virtual tours

We told you it was short – for a more interesting and detailed look at the history of photography, check out’s, History of Photography Timeline post.

The point we are making with our little journey through photography evolution is it’s time to move forward with digital media. Falling into the realm of digital media is 3D mapping, and Virtual Tours. If there is one thing the major search engines like Google has shown us, it’s impressive statics on how people browse or shop online. What we know today has dramatically changed the marketing and advertising world; even commercials have become more enjoyable today than a decade ago.

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Marketing online holds the answers to increasing a business’s revenue. Large corporations already know this and this is why they continue to thrive. There are literally thousands of success stories, if not millions of people who effectively marketed their business online, and subsequently became self made millionaires overnight. Driving the point home once again, if you run a small business, whether it’s a clothing shop, curtain shop, restaurant or boutique, you need an online presence today in order to keep your doors open.

How Does Your Business Benefit With a Virtual Tour?

We’re so glad you asked…

Improved Search Results
First of all, a virtual tour allows customers or potential customers to see inside your restaurant, office, hotel, store or showroom. Through an interactive virtual tour, your potential customers also get to explore the inside of your establishment. The best part of it all is this interactive virtual tour or panoramic 360 degree image is directly accessible from Google search results and Google maps. This is where Google local really becomes important to your business.

Search Engines & SEO

With a virtual tour, you are maximizing the impact of your local listing in Google’s search. At the end of the day this means you have a fun, interactive and eye catching advertisement for your business. This is the key to driving potential customers directly to your establishment.

Showcase Your Business in Google+
By combining and utilizing all your Google products, which includes Google+, you maximize your impact in Google local search and business street view even more. You can even put your virtual tour directly on your website, and embed it on Facebook as well. Your website, along with Google+, Business Street view, Google local and a social media platform such as Facebook are exactly the marketing weapons you need in order to effectively compete.

See some of our recent and featured Virtual Tours

The Stats are in
Independent studies have shown that having a virtual tour of your business on street view influenced the decision making process of consumers, with 82% of them saying that being able to visit a hotel or restaurant etc., on street view would be the deciding factor of whether or not they become customers. That’s 82%, an incredibly high percentage that cannot be ignored!

Are You Ready to Bring the World Inside Your Business with a Virtual Tour?

We’ve explained the marketing benefits to you by showing you full circle how promoting your virtual tour can directly affect search results. By simply using all the tools before you, which includes Google Local, Google+, your website and social media platforms like Facebook; your Marketing arsenal is almost ready.

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How it works
You can give us a call and book your free session, and best of all you are under no obligation to buy. We send our photo-sales person to your establishment who then takes the 360 degree panoramic virtual tour of your business. We process that image within 24 to 48 hours; you are then sent a link to view your virtual tour live online – if you like what you see, you purchase the virtual tour…that’s it! If you don’t like it, you can request a re-shoot or send us on our way, the choice is yours.

For just 60€, we give you the final weapon you need to really impress your customers, entice potential customers and knock your competitors out of the water. 60€ is all it takes to put your business on the map…literally!

Contact us today or book your photo-session to get locked and loaded.

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