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Throughout 2016 Plush Global Media held several courses throughout the winter and spring months at our office in San Pedro Alcántara. These courses were perfect for small businesses and always fully booked, but we felt it was missing the personal attention that people needed. It was impossible to answer all the personal questions of every student, so we have decided in 2017 only to book in private and more bespoke courses, but offer them at the same cheap price!

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has changed, and SEO 2017 is a lot different than last year and especially a few years ago. Unfortunately many small business owners and even SEO professionals or online marketing professionals in Marbella are making minor mistakes that have a MAJOR impact on their clients websites. Many SEO agencies in Marbella are still using old and outdated tactics because it’s a hell of a lot easier than the alternative.

What Makes Plush Global Media the Best SEO Agency in Marbella?

The answer to this is more simply than you realise – what makes us the best seo agency in Marbella is we keep up with all the trends. Our SEO team, led on by Scarlett Smits is constantly staying updated with all the algo changes from Google, new trends when it comes to optimising your website, and even the best tricks to getting your online business ranked a little bit faster.

Plush Global Media is one of the best SEO agencies on the Costa del Sol and we have the testimonials to prove it. Our courses are aimed at helping you cut through the jargon; we understand that small business owners cannot afford thousands of euros a month to be number 1 on Google or even the first page of all the major search engines. This is why our courses are designed to help you at least do some of the work yourself and cut costs. Not only that, but even more importantly, we teach you how to understand the jargon once you are ready to hire an SEO professional or SEO agency in Marbella.

Hey, let’s be honest – we don’t want to lose our jobs by teaching you EVERYTHING, besides that would cost you a fortune…so you might as well check out our packages!

Check out our course info below. We’ve made it easy and very cheap so everyone can now learn SEO at a very small cost….VERY FRIGGEN CHEAP!!!

We must be crazy….

Plush Global Media Courses

We don’t actually organise any more courses in-house. We realised that each of our clients had different needs and even though the courses gave them all valuable information, we felt it was more important to make sure the client takes something away that is specifically tailored for their needs.

This is why we have introduced 1-on-1 courses for the same affordable prices as our group courses. This way we can do your course at a time that’s convenient for you, in a place that suits you best and with the topic that interests you most!

We can offer many different courses, to give you an idea, these are the courses we have most recently completed: 

  • Beginners Guide to Google Webmaster tools
  • Beginners Guide to Google Analytic
  • Beginners Guide to Google Tag Manager
  • Beginners Guide to Google Adwords
  • Beginners Guide to Mailchimp
  • Beginners Guide to WordPress
  • How to start your own blog (and be a MASTER in no time)
  • SEO for 2017 – Basic Onsite Optimisation with New rules, New tips & Tricks
  • How to Create Newsletters that get opens & Conversions
  • How to Create Winning Landing Pages
  • How to Create Winning Content that keeps them reading (Including how to SEO enrich your content without getting into trouble!)
  • How to set up a great Social Media campaign
  • How to optimise your own wordpress website
  • How to optimise your social media
  • How to make your website faster
  • How to build your own wordpress site

And more, as time and interest goes on.

We only charge 30€ per hour for the 1 on 1 courses, and we will come to your office or business so we can teach you using your own computer and in familiar surroundings.

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