Online Marketing in Marbella,
Costa del Sol, Spain

Online Marketing in Marbella

Plush Global Media has its head office in Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain. Naturally, many of our clients here are local businesses who are in need of a website, Link Building, online marketing, multimedia marketing SEO or SMO and even reputation management.

Up until about 5 years ago, online marketing in Marbella was practically unheard of. Businesses simply lived off the local trade and tourism, relying on an occasional local magazine advertisement, but mostly on word-to-mouth advertisement in their “Marbella Bubble” as we call it.

Working on your online presence

However with the ever increasing use of smart phones and tablets, online marketing could no longer be ignored in Spain, and we see a great influx of businesses, even the smaller ones that have finally come to the conclusion that local trade isn’t what it used to be, and to capture tourists to their business, they needed to work on their online presence.

Online Marketing to suit every budget

Plush Global Media is a popular online marketing agency in the Costa del Sol because we don’t just look after the large businesses with big budgets, even the smaller ones who have a limited budget for their online marketing  come to us for help, and we will make sure their presence online is professional, informative and above all gives them ROI (return of investment) in a short period of time.

Our Marbella based team looks after the locals with enthusiasm and the drive to make each and every one of them shine online regardless of what budget they have for online marketing.

Many online marketing businesses in the Costa del Sol will sell you a package that suits them, without looking further to what your business really needs. Plush Global Media will study your business before it makes any recommendations, and depending on your budget will give you the best solutions for your particular need.

We follow the trends and pick out the most valuable course of action for your business because not every business is the same. Each business has a unique selling point and this is what we want to reflect for you online.

Plush Global Media SEO Builders

We have made a variety of SEO builders so you can make your own package that suits your budget each month. We know that in Marbella during the summer months you have more money to spend for online marketing than in the winter, so we will not cripple your business with high outgoings i winter, but let you decide on what you want to spend so you can be seen online all year around without breaking the bank!

We know how important it is to have your Google information up to date and working for you. We also know how complicated Google makes it sometimes, so we have created the ultimate google package so you don’t have to worry about this ever again!

Find out more about Online Marketing Marbella

This package includes:

  • Setup Google +
  • Setup Google business Page
  • Setup and optimise Maps
  • 40 Top Citations
  • 25 Local Directories
  • 5 Niche Directories
  • 15 Local Classifieds
  • 10 Popular Directories
  • 7 Review Sites Profile Creation
  • 7 Positive Reviews on Review Sites

When you own a small shop and you rely heavily on local trade, you might think you don’t need a website, but you would be wrong.

As new people move into your area and tourists come and go, everyone uses their mobile devices to get around these days and if they are looking for something you sell, they will go online to find the nearest store.

So if you don’t have any online presence, chances are, your competition will have a new client only because you didn’t think you needed a website.

Smaller businesses do not need huge and complicated website, an online presence is just that, a page with your details, a small description of your business, some images and contact details. That is all your new costumer needs to find you.

A website of this kind does not have to be expensive either, and you will find that for less than 120€ you too can have a wonderful web presentation so you too can be found online.

Included in our one page websites is: Find out more about Online Marketing Marbella

  • 1 year hosting
  • Purchasing of desired domain name
  • Construction & set up of new website
  • Contact form
  • Interactive map
  • Embedding of videos or virtual tours
  • Creation of up to 2 email accounts
  • Submission to search engines

Not every website needs the same SEO attention, and if you are a smaller business, we have the perfect package for you! Get the most natural link building package for Google

  • 100% White Hat & Manual links to your Site
  • Get Popular = Get Social
  • Facebook 30 likes
  • Twitter 30 retweetsFind out more about Online Marketing Marbella
  • Pinterest 40 Pins
  • Social Bookmarks on 25 High PR Sites
  • Spread the message = Video Marketing
  • 5 Video Submissions
  • Boost your site = Contextual Do Follow Links
  • 10 blogposts on Healthy Web 2.0 Site (wordpress, blogspot etc)
  • 30 Article posting on different Blogs, articles directories or Sites
  • 10 Blogposts on Private Sites (at least PR1)
  • Google Credibility = Authority Booster
  • 20 Profile Links on High PR & DA Sites
  • Extra Juice = Tier 2 Back linking
  • Extra Juice filtered safely to your site via:
  • 1500 web 2.0 articles, directories, blogs, wikis, microblogs, social bookmarks
  • 5000 Blog comment & Trackbacks

Did you know Youtube is owned by Google? Then you also know the importance of having your Youtube account optimised and used to the max to ensure your videos rank and get seen before your competition!Find out more about Online Marketing Marbella

This package includes:

  • SEO optimisation of video description & tags
  • 250 bookmarks of your video
  • 1000 REAL views – this is very important to kick start ranking
  • 100 PR3+ profiles
  • 10 Custom comments/interaction on the video
  • Drip feed

Was your website on Google only for not to be found the next day?

Did you hire an SEO “Expert” for less, and now your rankings have fallen and you can’t get them back?

This package is specifically designed to help with Google Algorithm Penalty Recovery or to aid in a Reconsideration Request.

Specialised SEO Link Clean-up analysis will find high risk links which:

a) Caused Google to penalise your websiteFind out more about Online Marketing Marbella

b) Caused your keywords to stop appearing or stop ranking

c) Cause your site to be at dangerous risk when Google updates their algorithms next

How is the Link Detox Done?

The most powerful link risk analysis tool to find red flags that are putting your site at risk for Google penalties. Some of the risk metrics that are analysed for every single link:

What is included:

  • 100% Custom Report from an SEO expert on why your site is not ranking.
  • Comprehensive analysis of backlinks from LinkResearchTools,
  • Premium Link report
  • All links are run through Detox
  • Full analysis of report with high risk domains in disavow file for Google. We also include risks that Detox missed, and exclude niche sites that are still valuable to keep.
  • Directory submission for 50 good links

Google Algorithm loves variety social link building to boost your website rankings, and they get better results than Web 2.0 properties!

This is a great addition to your standard SEO packageFind out more about Online Marketing Marbella

Use of 7 platform types:



Social Engine





This package includes:

100+ Quality Backlinks

Google Animals Safe

We write & spin the article for you

Relevant image in post

Full report of our WORK!

Ping All links with Linklicious to get them Indexed

This package will create a white hat, diverse authority backlink profile to ensure your impactful results.

Links are hand-picked, high quality and result driven.

This package is drip-fed and takes up to 3 weeks to complete.

Tier One

✓ 1 Unique article – Spun and human readable

✓ 30 PhPFox Social Links

✓ 50 Web 2.0 profiles – up to PR7Find out more about Online Marketing Marbella

✓ 30 Elgg Social CMS Links

✓ 15 Image Sharing Links

✓ 50 Media Wiki Links

✓ 15 PR9 Trusted profiles

✓ 10 EDU Profiles

✓ 15 Manyal PR4+ Web 2.0 Properties

✓ 20 PR9-5 Doc Sharing Sites

✓ 500 Social Signals Mix (shares, Retweets, Pins)

✓ 15 Niche related Links

✓ 3 Video creation & Submission

✓ 30 Top Social Bookmarks

✓ 4 Questions & Answers Links

✓ 10 High PR Articles Directories

Tier 2

✓ 200 article submission

✓ 1500 Social bookmarks Linkjuice

We will created up to 50 social network accounts including your image, banners, descriptions and optimisation.

All major accounts will be created including:

  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Scoop-itFind out more about Online Marketing Marbella
  • Instagram
  • and many more

Included in this package:

  1. 50 social account creations
  2. Creation of login & password log
  3. Image sharing
  4. Profile content creation & submission
  5. Full reporting

Find out more about Online Marketing MarbellaSocial Bookmarking is a great addition to your regular SEO package. It will boost your rankings and promote your content.

We know social bookmarking is a tedious job, and only works well if it is done naturally.

We have the tools and the staff to ensure your social bookmarking is done safe and white hat and what’s more, you keep control of your spending by choosing the right amount of bookmarking for your client.

Packages start from as little as 10 social bookmarkings and can go p to as many as you wish!

Nothing is as important as having a great review rating online. Unfortunately in this day and age, your competition, disgruntled employee or just bored annoying internet trolls can make your reputation go from outstanding to disastrous in just a Find out more about Online Marketing Marbellaclick of a button.

We office a great white hat and genuine review management package that will make sure your ratings go up and stay up for as long as you need them to!

We write honest and genuine reviews for many different comparison sites, social profiles, directories and more.

You can purchase a single review, or a pre-designed package or you could send us the links to the offending sites and we will put our review management team to work.

Popular services for reviews are:

  • Tripadvisor
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Linked-in
  • Foursquare

Don’t forget we can also submit reviews to your own website and our service is available in Spanish, English & Dutch

We will create a personalised link wheel with over 65 high PR spokes from up to 40 unique domains. The links will be delivered in a way that they will always be found Find out more about Online Marketing Marbellanaturally by all the major search engines.

We are up to date with algorithm changes in Google, and continuously update ourselves with the latest news from Google to ensure this work is delivered safe and white hat.

This service includes:

Tier 1:

Create the link wheel with highly spun content, titles, relevant images & videos.

Tier 2:

Build over 1000 profile links to this wheel structure to add link juice and promote your site to more search engine spiders. to make sure your site gets crawled regularly.

This package is a great addition to an existing SEO package, giving your rankings and extra boost

Undoubtedly the best SEO booster package available.

Lnikbuilding is an ongoing process and once in a while you need a boost to make sure you stay ahead of your competition. This package is exactly what that does.

The service includes:Find out more about Online Marketing Marbella

✓ 100% White Hat

✓ 100% Safe and Google Animal Safe

✓20 Profile links on High PR sites

✓30 Social Bookmarks on High PR sites

✓10 blogposts on high PR web 2.0 sites(blogspot, wordpress)

✓10 blogposts on secret high PR domains

✓100 Social signals(Tweets, Likes, Repins)

✓5 link from Video sites

✓10 links from Audio sites

✓10 links from Image sharing sites

✓20 links from High PR & Edu sites

This package is 100% safe 100% white hat and will give you a 100% result.

Is your website not performing properly?

Do you want to drive traffic to your site faster?

Is your site slow and your bounce rate high?Find out more about Online Marketing Marbella

Before you start any important SEO and link building works, you should make sure your site is in top shape so the SEO results are better and Google does not penalise you from the start!

This service includes:

  • Website audit, analysis & report for new and established websites
  • Full report with custom instructions on how to fix errors and rank better
  • 1 hour tutorial on what you can do to make your site rank better

PDF downloadables are a great tool to get more information from your sites visitors, but can also help in your rankings if submitted to other sites.Find out more about Online Marketing Marbella

We look after both so you don’t have to.

Our service includes:

  • Create downloadable 2 page article with images, links and anchor text about your niche or chosen subject
  • Submission to 20 document sharing websites such as scribd, docstoc, slideshare etc for awesome linkbacks
  • Full reporting & proof of links

Google LOVES this type of work. It is a great addition to your usual monthly SEO package.

Press releases are important, and getting the word out is difficult but with the right tools, can be done on a mass – distribution.Find out more about Online Marketing Marbella

This package includes:

  • Writing your press release including relevant keywords and links
  • Write your meta tags & description
  • Submission of press release to over 4000 media sites

Plush Global Media works with a reputable Press Release & Article syndication tool, to help us in the process. More information on this can be provided when you contact us.

We will mass syndicate your press release to ensure maximum exposure of your news to the world.

Especially when starting up a new business, opening business directory accounts Find out more about Online Marketing Marbellacan be a tedious job, often left to do last, and resulting in never to be done even though it can make a huge impact on your rankings.

This service will take all that responsibility out of your hands and into ours!

Without use of automatic directory listing tools, all done 100% white hat & manual so it is safe and you avoid Google Penalties.

Citations are Google trusted and endorsed directories both local and worldwide.

We supply this service to Spanish, English and Dutch companies.

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