Mobile Optimisation, Foundation Phrases and Your Business Online

Do you know what a “Foundation Phrase” is? Maybe you’ve seen instances of it online or perhaps through services offered by SEO and Marketing Online professionals. What you probably didn’t know is that foundation phrases are now becoming a fundamental part of your online marketing efforts. If you are not using foundation phrases on your mobile friendly site, you are missing out on major money.

Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

Mobilegeddon has come and gone. If you can recall, Google was kind enough to let us know a deadline to have our sites mobile ready, and mobile friendly. The premise was if your site was not mobile friendly after the 21st of April, you could kiss your rankings goodbye! Well that train came and went, and the world thankfully still stands today. The fact is if your site is not mobile friendly and your competitors is, then they will rise above you in the ranks. You won’t be tossed onto page 200 of Google as punishment for your lack of enthusiasm in assimilating to Google’s mobile demands. But enough about that, bottom line is you will benefit greatly with a mobile friendly site, and your customers will love you for it.

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Mobile Optimisation

Even more important to understand today more than ever is mobile optimisation – this means readying your business online with mobile searches in mind. Mobile or Smartphone search rankings is what makes up a foundation phrase – this is the best example that can be given, and if your site is not mobile friendly or responsive; you will lose out on the future of searches.

Why is Mobile Optimisation so Important?

The short answer – mobile and tablets are the now and the future.
Our tablets, mobiles and any other gadget we can fit on our body are becoming more important than ever before. We can’t seem to leave home without them. This information so far is no doubt starting to connect in your head, so it’s easy to see where this is going. But, first let’s look over a few factual instances to really drive the following points home.

You are being closely watched…

How creepy does that sound? Well, it’s true…at least online it’s true. Have you ever fell for that old Facebook status about your rights as an individual or how your personal information, photos and whatever else you decide to spill on Facebook belongs only to you?

Facebook false status

Be honest, have you fell for it? Did you fall into this trap and copy and paste that status onto your own wall? Don’t be ashamed because it’s not only you, but millions more. Here’s the bad news – it doesn’t work. You see, the minute you sign up for Facebook you agree to a certain number of policies before you are even allowed to access Facebook. The minute you sign-on is the minute you give up some of your rights as a private person. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all that bad, and over the years Facebook has implemented a lot of security features to make you feel safe, at least from the outside world or creepy stalkers.

But Facebook is Facebook, a company run by a CEO, just like any other entity out there; it is Facebook who is doing the spying for marketing purposes but not for any malice or ill will. Let me explain:

Facebook Policy, Plush MediaFirst off, it’s not only Facebook that participates in this sort of “looking in on you” mentality; it’s just business, and you can add Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Instagram and a lot more to the list. The fact is in order to give you the browser/user the best possible experience, these big brother companies have to get to know you. They do this by implementing a few algorithms within their own realm.


Here’s a better explanation that you will fully understand:

Have you ever updated your Facebook status and said something like
“I have a craving for sushi!”

Only to see later on, that ads for sushi are popping up everywhere on your screen?

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This is the type of spying I am referring to – the same with Google. If you are a Gmail account holder, you may see familiar ads pop up everywhere around you that reflect things you might have said in private messages…creepy?

No and yes; here’s the thing I need you to keep in mind, your data is protected, I promise…especially from the big players on the field like Facebook, Google, Yahoo and so on. They use this data for themselves, to learn about YOU, to see what YOU like to see, and believe it or not, to better serve YOU.

It’s been going on for years, and with good reason.

Take Google for example, they do their absolute best to clean up searches, this is so when you are searching online for a fabulous restaurant to eat at in Marbella (even sushi!) the results that come back in a fraction of a second are indeed restaurants. If Google didn’t take the steps they took years ago, which was cleaning up the searches, vacuum cleaner repair might have popped up instead.

At the end of the day this is the world we live in now, and Facebook statues declaring your privacy or independence from Facebook won’t work. If you really or truly want to remain private away from the prying eyes of big data companies, then I suggest you give up the internet all together…including your mobile phones or tablets.

You are being watched….bow down to your new Gods!

Just a little fun being dramatic, but seriously, now that you know you are being watched and you’re (hopefully) over it, let’s continue with more important things; if you own a small business online, best keep on reading!

Now we know, searches online are studied, and studied hard. Google, Bing and Yahoo only wish to make searches “Cleaner” for the average Joe & Jane…regular people like you. Thanks to our mobile phones and tablets, with such search functions like Siri for IOS and Google Voice for Android; it’s never been easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. This is where foundation phrases come into play, and keyword research for your online business.

Speed plays a huge factor in our quest to find answers online, we want it now and there isn’t any way around it. Google for example, can return our queries in a fraction of a second, and if you want your online business to be a part of the result Google spits out, you need to be optimised and marketed online, and on mobile as well.

Marketing online and search engine optimisation are the corner stone to any website, marketing online has become an art form in 2015. Marketers must think of ways to market their clients online without upsetting the search engine God’s – they have plenty of rules and regulations that must be followed. This goes back to keeping those searches clean; if everyone just had their way with the search engines, and how they optimise a site for search, our search pages would be filled with gambling or pornographic spam.

Just Ask Anything You Like – The birth of the Foundation Phrase

Who, where, when, why, what and how; basic starters to questions we might ask every day. Why is the sky blue? How did the sun come to be? Where is the beach? Every day we ask questions, and everyday billions of people go online to get answers. In 2014, those billions started using their mobile phones a lot more. Thanks to apps like Apple’s Siri, we have a whole new ball game to play.

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Google’s voice function search is playing a major part in the way we HAVE to now optimise our sites; this includes optimising your website for mobile. Mobile friendly means just that – mobile friendly. If your site is not responsive, you will lose your rankings or not rank at all. If you want to successfully rank your site, you need foundation phrases, this will attract those mobile searches to your site, and get you the business you deserve.

SEO Tip: The best place to include a foundation phrase is in a FAQ or Q&A page. On a Q&A page you get to answer all the questions your customers are searching for.


Where should you include these Foundation Phrases on Your Site?

In your headings – these are the H tags, like H2, H3 and so on. Put these in your blogs, throughout your text if you can…don’t overdo it though! The minute you start putting a bunch of foundation phrases all over your site is the minute Google will penalize you for being silly. Use them right, and use them in the right places. Just know that starting now, you need to consider optimising your site with foundation phrases and making sure your site is mobile friendly.

If you’re that sushi restaurant in Marbella, you want to make sure you cover the foundation phrases that you know will be used to (hopefully) find you. It’s common sense really, how do people search for sushi in Marbella? By simply saying a few phrases – “where is the best sushi restaurant in Marbella?”. Now, make sure this phrase is used on your mobile friendly site, and those with a major sushi craving will be coming to you.

That ladies and gentlemen is the Foundation Phrase.

Sound off in the comments below or ask your top marketing questions – we are happy to answer!

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