Make Your YouTube Channel Popular With These Tips

Given how popular YouTube has become as a platform for media consumption, it makes sense to enhance a few aspects of a channel if you want to reach the most audience. In this read, we are going to take a look  at a few tips to make your YouTube channel pop:

Design Your Brand

First and foremost, decide on your content’s overall theme and how you want to be known. Due to the huge influx of videos being uploaded every second, having a distinct offering is essential if you want to stand out of the rest. You want to have a name for someone who creates amazing, appealing videos that are not easy to come across, regardless of your niche.

Your channel’s name should also hint the kind of videos people can expect from you. Also, an appealing logo that hints professionalism and what your channel is about is a bonus.

Publish Professional Content

YouTube might a place that many use to consume fun content, but this does not mean you should confine yourself to it. It is ideally a space for professional content. It is worth using a professional for high-quality video production. Consider using your channel as a space to share knowledge. If you have a degree in physics and people shut off their minds when you mention the subject, consider holding lectures online. Only this time, make them enjoyable and less intimidating by presenting them in a manner that the average person can enjoy. There are numerous fun science channels such as Vsauce and taking this route in teaching could be quite impactful while helping your channel grow.

Do Live Performances or Covers

This might seem like a common way to present content on YouTube, but everyone in this field got discovered by providing something unique. You might even get the attention of a music label this way. Avoid doing the same old acoustic covers and instead, come up with something unique and creative. By having your own twist, it’s possible to even make acoustic covers appear fresh.

Consider Doing Reviews

Nowadays, people want to know they are making a wise investment and the best way to ascertain this is by reading or watching reviews. Well, as with most things, video reviews tend to be easier to consume and understand compared to text. Reviews are descriptive in nature and YouTube presents the perfect platform to share your thoughts on movies, video games, events, establishments, ideas, products, etc.

Complete the Description

Don’t forget to fill the description box. This is a section where you can freely include information regarding the video. It allows viewers to know more about the content before and after they view it. This is the section where you include credits and links to any other useful information including your research sources, your website, and socials. Giving complete information tells the audience that you’re serious about your content.

Work on Tags

Tags are essential in social media platforms as they enable your content to be categorized and appear on the searches. Ensure that your tags are relevant to your videos and do not just include popular tags in order to garner attention. Doing this will just make your content counterintuitive and people who are not interested in your type of content will leave without a second thought.

For example, if you are posting a video on how to make cookies, the term cookies should be prioritized, followed by related tags like dessert and party.

Publish Videos that are Neither Too Long nor Too Short

Most people have a very short attention span for content online and so, ensure that your videos are just at the right length.

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