Trying to sell your property anywhere in the world is a task not many people enjoy doing. There are many factors to take care of and listing your property with any agent in your area simply does not do the job anymore.

Luxury Villa Marketing

You have to become creative if you want a quick sale, but you need to know who you are dealing with that includes having a strategy to ensure your property gets advertised to the right people. After all, you can’t be bothered with leads that simply waste your time.

Our exclusive luxury villa marketing sales funnel is our speciality and unique to Plush Global Media. We have extensive experience in villa marketing and know exactly how to make sure you receive good quality leads and sell your property faster.

Sell your Property Fast with Direct Target Marketing

Our marketing strategy is especially designed for the high end property market, as these are the properties that don’t sell easily through even the most experienced real estate agent or agency. You need your potential buyers to find your property, and yours alone. Believe us when we tell you, this is more than possible. We design beautiful images, interactive virtual tours, viral teaser videos, and stunning presentation videos. All with one aim only: Sell your property.


With an interactive property virtual tour you can let your potential buyer walk through your property before they make an appointment to view in person.

Virtual tours are a great sales tool, enabling you to show off part of your property, leaving the best parts out, so the buyer will leave their details for more information. It’s you who decides to show off the entire property so the buyer has a clear idea of what your property looks like.

This method will reduce time wasters by a staggering 80%. If your property has a noteworthy garden, you could let your visitor enjoy a virtual walk through thereby admiring the grounds.

You could even create a virtual tour of the area in case of a development and show off all the facilities in the urbanisation. Virtual tours can be password protected, so you could gather valuable viewers information before you allow them to view your property.

Not only is this a great feature for your property for sale, but imagine the possibilities for your rental properties. Study shows that properties for rent that show a virtual tour on their site are 50% more likely to get chosen than those that don’t.

We will do extensive market research to what buyer would suit your property and where they are from.

We go as far as researching their occupations, ages, family structure and behaviour. Once we have done all the research we set up the advertisement campaigns, “deep targeting” the audience, thus gaining relevant hot leads for your property. Estate agents or agencies spend tens of thousands of euros per month fighting for the first position in the search engines.

You do not want to compete with this. You want to sell one villa, and with specific requirements, so that is what we will use to target your very specific audience. This method has worked well for many property owners, we have the data to prove it works and how it works, which we will be happy to present during a meeting at our office or over Skype.

You can imagine, the information we have gathered is very valuable, so we can not send you a copy per email, but we are happy to share in a live conversation where we can show you all the stats.

We have the tools, the staff, the software and the experience to ensure your property will be sold through our online efforts.

A property that is reasonably priced and in good condition should not be on the market for longer than 3 months paired with a good online marketing campaign. We will create a variety of landing pages for your property each with their own target audience and keywords.

Once we have created viral videos for these landing pages, we ensure they are cleverly placed with well researched “call to action” buttons. This ensures your targeted visitors convert, thereby leaving their details so your estate agent can then contact and qualify them as a lead.

We are not estate agents, we are marketers who will give you the leads you need to sell your property.

We work with preferred local estate agents, and will contact high end luxury property portals to ensure your listing looks uniform and professional on every media outlet. We work with the latest technologies to find out where your potential buyers come from and know how to get to them.

Nothing is as important to a good marketing campaign then an inviting and convincing brochure, flyer, banner or e-brochure.

Our designs are creative, refreshing and trend setting. More often then not do we see our designs copied by other Development Companies after they see the success we are having with out creative designs.

Your opinion is important to us and instead of telling you what to do, we work closely with you making sure that any design we produce fits within your company outlook.

We will also liaise for you to make sure you get the very best prices for printing. We work with local as well as overseas providers, and for every provider you will be presented with a mock up as well as the direct invoicing.

No comissions, no hidden charges, you see the price we receive from our suppliers and always manage to get you an additional discount. Compared to other companies who like to stay in between you and the provider and that way mark the prices up, we don’t work like that.

We will give you the straight invoice from the supplier so you get the best deal available on the market today.


Virtual Tour Photography will give your visitor an interactive experience discovering your property. The visitor will feel in control of what they are looking at and can decide for themselves where to look and what to discover. A virtual tour is also a great tool to show off the development where your property is part of, show off the facilities and recreational areas as well as the area where your property is located. Because the viewer has total control over what they are looking at, we can use analytics to find out what they were most interested in and work on that area further in your project.



Video Marketing

If you want to sell your property you should never give away too much information to start with. You should give the viewer just enough information to gain their interest, making them leave you their valuable contact details so you can contact them with more information and access codes to see the full property. We create excellent, viral video teasers for properties that give the viewer more than just still images. This paired with a suitable voice over, the viewers receive just enough information to want to ask for more. Our in-house video development team will create great ideas for viral content and our voice-overs are of high quality as can be heard in this example video.


Logo Animation

Why not start a great video with an animation of your existing logo? We work with the best 3D animation designers who make fantastic & alluring logo animations to suit your property sales style. Your animation can be classy, serious explosive and even funny, as long as it fits your marketing campaign, we are all in! Here are a few examples of logo animations we can create.



Apart from animated multimedia you will also need outstanding still images. Still images are great to add to your social media accounts, add to PDF downloadables and sales copy for your potential buyers. Your photography needs to show the best sides of your property to keep your viewers interested. They are a great addition to your already stunning multimedia campaign.



Adding drone footage to your presentation video will give your viewer an amazing birds eye view of your property and its surroundings. We work with licensed drone operators who will ensure that all paperwork is in order before they take off with their drone camera. Your viewers will love the added feature of seeing your property from above and you will benefit not only from the drone footage for your video, but, we can also produce still photography using the raw footage from this camera.


Secret Villa Marbella by Plush Global Media
Secret Villa Marbella by Plush Global Media
Secret Villa Marbella by Plush Global Media
Affordable one page websites


Your multimedia needs to be showcased on a functioning, responsive and creative website and landing pages. We work closely with you to make sure your online content is exactly showing what you want to portray to the outside world. Our service includes writing the content, creating the content, designing attractive call to action  buttons, and lead generating designs. Your website would be as extensive as you would like it to be and you can have as many landing pages as you wish. One such landing page can been seen here, used to showcase the entire property.


Graphic Design & Printing

No Marketing campaign is complete with shiny brochures to print and to send per email. This includes email marketing campaigns, printing of banners, logo’s exposition stands and even billboards.

Our creative design team will make lead generating designs for your development or business and make sure they get to the right people.

We also assist in getting the best quotes for your printing so you can rest assured you pay the best price, always.



Belone a Partner

Plush Global Media and their online campaign, resulted in more leads in the first week then our real estate agent got us in the whole previous year. We also really loved the outstanding reports and transparency about their work.

property seller – anonomous

Katja Range, RTR Services, Happy Client - Plush Global Media

I recommended Plush Global Media to one of our multimillion euro villa owners. Plush designed and produced everything from their website to the all the creative multimedia needed. The property has been up for sale since just 1 month and already we have received leads from very interested buyers. I recommend this service to anyone who wants to sell their property quick.

Owner, RTR Marbella – Katja Range


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