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We see it over and over again, someone has been buying links and then goes a bit nuts with bulk link submissions from an online website. Now they are on the Google Naughty Step resulting in huge SEO bills to get them back on the search engine ladder. Link building is by far the toughest part of the job, and even worse news for those not sure where to begin, link building is also one of the biggest rankings factors in SEO.

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Buying Links and Bulk Link Submissions – Why You Just Shouldn’t Chance it

Link Building can be a tedious and sometimes frustrating process, and it is no wonder that many people avoid the subject like the plague just so they don’t have to get involved. But, unfortunately link building, as all SEO specialists will tell you, is one of the most important factors to any online marketing campaign and should be a major factor in your SEO strategy.


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If this is your first time trying your hand at link building, let us start off with one stark warning:

Don’t ever get caught doing or hiring someone for buying links and bulk link submissions. These types of sites promising you first page of Google with 48 hours know full well, you will get caught. And believe us when we tell you, no refund will be given.

They might be cheap and work for a week, but once Google finds (and they will) out you have done this, well let’s just say that Google has a penalty box  and once you are on the naughty step, Google can be very reluctant to let you roam free again. It will cost a lot of money and twice the effort to get Get out of the Google Penalty box, so when it looks too easy, Google probably doesn’t approve, so step away from the bulk submission cookie jar now!


Google Naughty Step

Mass link submission sites will tell you different, they will say that their systems are organic and that they have found Google’s Atlantis for mass submissions but trust us… they are wrong!

Let’s go straight to the source with a video response by Matt Cutts – Head of Web Spam Team at Google:

[c5ab_video title=”Unnatural Links to Site” url=”” ]


Hire a professional SEO specialist in Marbella

You probably don’t want to hear this, but if you really don’t have the time to do your own link building, pay a Marbella SEO specialist to do the job for you. Link Building can be tedious and incredibly frustrating at times and that’s an added stress you would like to avoid when necessary.

SEO specialists know which websites will work for your niche and have already built a list with all the contacts or directories, so you don’t have to. Furthermore a good Marbella SEO company will pay for tools like MOZ, Raventools, SEMrush or other marketing tools that can cost hundreds of euros per month to run. We, the Marbella SEO agency give you, our clients the best tools available to ensure your link building strategy is doing exactly what Google and other search engines want it to do.

As a single business, these tools are often not affordable and you will therefore miss out on valuable information and the work will be twice as hard.

Link Building does not have to be expensive

Link Building Professionals in Marbella

Letting an SEO specialist look after your Link Building for you, should not include having you apply for a second mortgage. There are many different strategies and your business might gain more from Guest Posts than from directory listings, so don’t hesitate to ask your Online Marketing company for the various options that are available.

As Link Building should be a natural process, and to please the search engines, you should not spend all your budget in one single month, you should rather spread it out over a couple of months (we recommend a minimum of 3 months) and each month to have a different approach to see what works best for you.


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You can start off with as little as 99€ for a starter pack and take it from there. A good SEO specialist in Marbella knows where to take your campaign next and what will give you optimal results.

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