How To Use Your Website And Social Media Accounts To Make More Sales

Do you want to make more sales for your business? Of course, you do – we all do. So, here are some tips to grow things and make more.

  1. Pay attention to the keywords that people are using when they communicate with you online.

When people contact you through your website or ask you questions on social media, make a note of the specific keyword phrases that they use. For instance, if they are searching for a specific product, they would most likely use that product name when conducting a search. Similarly, if they are asking you for help with a specific issue, the words they use to describe the issue are most likely identical to the ones that they would use to conduct a search. Keep a list of these keywords and keyword phrases. Use them to supplement keyword research that you do on your own. This will help you create content for your website, your social media accounts, and your marketing materials that speaks directly to your visitors. Pepper your online content with these phrases to help draw more people in.

  1. Create content around a specific cluster of topics.

The concept of topic clusters is fairly new. In essence, topic clusters are a way to showcase that you have in-depth knowledge of a specific subject. They also allow you to demonstrate your expertise to the search engines. Imagine that you sell housewares. Your website is most likely made up of a number of different pages including a page that discusses cooking pans, one that discusses recipes, and another on seasonings or cooking oils. Take a minute to brainstorm a specific topic that includes all of those individual topics. In this case, you could create a detailed page on how to cook fish, linking to the other three pages on your site. This type of internal linking structure not only encourages visitors to spend more time on your website but it also helps improve your ranking in the search engines by reducing your bounce rate.

  1. Invest in redesigning your website.

You expect your shop signage and offline promotions to look professional and your online stuff should be the same.

If your website isn’t as professional as it should be, it is definitely worth spending money to give it a facelift. The vast majority of people search for products online when they start shopping. If your website isn’t up to par, you could be missing out on a ton of sales. Consider overhauling your website at least every three years. Hire a professional for the job rather than getting it done for free by someone that you know. Before implementing the upgrade, have a plan in place so that you know what you hope to achieve.

  1. Create engaging content for your social media accounts.

Social media should be used for more than just posting coupons. Instead, you need to find a way to engage your audience. Think about the needs of your followers. Then, craft unique, interesting content that will encourage them to interact with your business or to visit your website. Ultimately, the content that gets the greatest interaction usually focuses specifically on the needs and interests of your followers.

  1. Respond quickly.

If you want to build loyalty with your online followers, you need to respond quickly to any questions or inquiries. On Facebook, you can find statistics about your response time in the right-hand column of your page. This information is also visible to your followers, which is why it is so important to respond quickly. You can use an auto-responder on Facebook to let them know that you got their message. Ultimately, however, you should do your best to send out a reply to every comment that you receive within as little time as possible. The faster you respond, the more people will respect your business. 

  1. Create content that educates.

The content that you make for your social media accounts and for your website should be as helpful as possible. One way to engage your followers and visitors is by focusing on educational content that teaches them a valuable skill. You can also use Facebook Live as a training tool. Take a look at how other businesses are using this type of content for ideas and inspiration. For instance, one company that sells undergarments provided a tutorial on the correct technique for washing a bra. Another company that sells clothing demonstrated how to freshen up a dingy, worn-looking denim jacket. The more useful you can make your content, the more people will engage with it.

  1. Take visitors behind-the-scenes.

Take a cue from YouTube. Some of the most popular videos on the platform are unboxing videos where people open up new items that they purchased. You can do the same on your social media channels. Other behind-the-scenes options that you can do include taking photos of your tradeshow booth, providing videos from a charity event that you are participating in, or giving a tour of your facility. The goal is to make people feel like they are getting a sneak peek at what goes on behind the curtain.

Ultimately, the best way to improve your website and your social media content is by always focusing on your followers or visitors. Be true to yourself and to the values of your business. Respond quickly, provide helpful information, and always put your visitors first. Together, all of these techniques will help you succeed online.


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