How to get a lot of people to like/share your Facebook post

So, you’ve got this incredible blog or video and you want the whole world to know! And Facebook just happens to be the largest network in the world. The more likes and shares your post gets the more traffic it will generate to your website; but most important the more brand awareness you get. So the biggest question is: How do you get people to like and share your posts on Facebook?

Be on top of the news!Facebook_popularity small

If you want to get more interaction, likes and shares then make sure your post is written about a trending topic. People who like to
read them are usually the ones that are very active online. When these people share or like your post you get a pretty good chance it will reach a big audience. Just make sure that you mention the main keyword (topic) in your headline and introduction. Via Buzzfeed you will easily find the trending topics in your business.

Facebook is all about ME

To understand the behavior on Facebook you have to realize that the main purpose of someone visiting Facebook is themselves. So they are very sensitive for content that is about them. Hence all the people sharing test results about them (The Disney cartoon that is me is Minie Mouse). People are very self involved so if they are tagged in a post they will definitely look. It is not possible for you as a business to tag someone, but you can trigger people to do so by posting an image with the question: “tag a friend who does this”.
But also make them feel the post is about them by using words as ‘You” and “your or of course you’re”.


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Ask for a share

Sometimes you just have to ask for what you want. In a research study done by Dan Zarrella some very interesting facts showed

  • he found out that if you add ‘please retweet’ to a tweet, it will double the number of shares
  • also retweeted posts all had a kind of call to action (CTA) in it.
  • on Facebook he found out that the word ‘share’ in a post would get twice as many shares as a post without this word

So start using this in your post but don’t over do it. That will irritate people and will definitely show in the number of followers.

Facebook’s ranking

like-and-share-usFacebook determines if your post is seen in the timeline of people. They use an algoritme for this. It is called “Edgerank” by marketeers (Facebook stopped using the term). If your post has a high Edgerank more people will see the post in their timeline.

There are three main factors that determine your rank:

  • Decay: how recently your post has been on Facebook
  • Affinity: the level of relationship between the user and the post writer
  • Weight: a number based on the kind of post you’ve written.

These are of course not the only things they take into account. They also look at your past engagement history (have you been popular for a long time or was it a coincidence).
Now blog content is not content that is easily shared or liked. But if you post content like pictures of cats, quotes or inspirational images or funny video’s, your post history will be good and if you post a blog once in a while, Facebook will then show this a lot more followers too.

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Luckily for us, there are many people who have made it their profession to look after your facebook pages for business so you don’t have to worry about all of the above and can focus on your clients instead! A good online marketer will make sure you get organic followers (organic = not paid for) and lots of interaction on your page so don’t hesitate to shop around for an expert to look after your online social life, so you can have an actual social life!

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