How to advertise on Instagram

Instagram, the very popular photo platform where people share photo’s and really short video’s. A platform that not so long ago was ad-free. But from the moment Facebook bought it, it was only a matter of time before they would introduce some fine advertising options. And that time has come, from now on it is possible to advertise on Instagram and show your ads in the Instagram timeline. This new way of advertising offers a lot of potential for interesting marketing campaigns, especially if your brand has nice visuals.

How to advertise on InstagramInstagram has 400 million active users, which post 80 million photo’s a day. 75 percent is living outside the US. Among the last 100 million to join, half live in Europe and Asia.

When Instagram was acquired by Facebook they immediately started testing with ads in America. Big companies like Adidas, Ben&Jerry’s, Levi’s, Paypal and Lexus got the opportunity to pilot with these new ad placements. It turned out to be a great success.

Because Instagram is a part of Facebook advertising you can use the targeting possibilities of Facebook. This means that you can target on website visitors, extended geographic and behavioural targeting as well as target group segmentation.


How to start an Instagram campaign

Of course you are very enthusiastic about getting your business brought under the attention of you’re target group. It isn’t that hard because they used the same advertising tool for Facebook ads to create a campaign for your Instagram ads.

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To start to advertise on Instagram and create a campaign you go to the Power Editor of Facebook or you start your campaign via the Facebook Marketing Partners. The set-up is mutual to the set up of a Facebook campaign. The section where you are used to choose between a placement

  • Newsfeed Desktop
  • Mobile Newsfeed
  • Right Hand Column ads

Audience Network for Facebook ads, is broadened with a new option: ‘placement Instagram’ where you can choose between IOS and Android users.

Instagram ad types

How to advertise on InstagramAfter selecting the target group you are able to choose from 4 different ad types and 3 different goals: website clicks, mobile app installs and video views.

These are the 4 different ad variations:

  • Sponsored photo’s

The most logical ad type for Instagram of course are the photo’s, very recognisable by the users. Ads that look like a regular photo that is placed on Instagram. The only difference is: it shows a ‘sponsored’ text in the right upper corner.

  • Video’s

This ad type gives you, as an advertiser the possibility to show an ad video of max. 15 seconds. It is expected they will expand this duration to 30 seconds.

  • Carrousel ads

These adverts give the advertiser more flexibility. The Instagram user is able to swipe to the right and the left so more information about the advertised product can be looked up.

  • Link ads

Link ads are pictures with a call-to-action button. As soon as an Instagram user clicks on it the person will be redirected to your own website or app-store.


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Need help?

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