Google to erase Marbella off the map

Marbella After removal

As far as Google goes, of course, they are the God of the internet and today they have once again confirmed they have more power than some people think confortable.

A while ago we reported that Google and Spain had their various ups and downs when it comes to internet usage including the all important news feed in Spain shut down not so long ago. Spain won, Google lost, but it seems Google has something else up their sleeve to make Spain pay for their poor decision making in some areas, and this time it is the internet speed that troubles the Internet Giant. Google is concerned that their users are unable to connect to an adequate internet connection whilst traveling and have decided to exclude those poor performing places off the map, starting in Marbella, Costa del Sol.


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Media outlets are outraged with this decision, but it seems there’s not a lot anyone can do to stop it, after all, Google owns the map, and it can do what they like. A spokesman for Google confirmed this morning:

Spain is a beautiful country but unfortunately not everyone is using the internet to search for answers as much as we like. We realised this is due to the fact that Spain is very behind on the installation of Fibre Optic cables and we want to encourage countries to make sure they meet the needs to the intrepid internet surfer all over the world, so today it has been announced that any country that does not comply with the Google approved internet speed minimums will be taken off the map as we feel anyone in their right mind would not want to visit those countries anyway if they are unable to connect to the net like they would at home. It’s just another service we provide through Google making our users aware of poor performing countries such as Spain.


Marbella After removal
Marbella After removal from Google Maps
Marbella Before Removal from Google
Marbella before removal from Google Maps


Google also added that it is not the entire country of Spain that will be wiped off the map, there’s areas where the internet speed is well above average and those places will stay on the map to give the Google user the option to visit those places at their own risk. They also added that as soon as Marbella picks up their internet speed and installs fibre optic everywhere, they will be able to apply for a revision of the map and Google will be happy to add them back.

Meanwhile Bing search and Yahoo search have announced they will not be making such changes and have admitted to be secretly overjoyed with Google’s decision to eliminate countries off their map as it will bring them more visitors to their map, however a Marbella spokeswoman has confirmed they have declined Bing and Yahoo’s offer to promote Marbella on their map as she claims “I would rather be on no map than on a map no one looks at”.

We will keep you updated on this breaking story, but until then, we urge all Marbella residents to demand fibre optic internet so we can all continue to enjoy the millions of tourists looking at their phones all day whilst holidaying in this beautiful seaside resort.


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