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#Diadeinternet Plus Global Media

If you’re a Twitter-fanatic, you might have noticed a trending hashtag flooding your Twitter-sphere. Translated, it means “Internet Day”, and in Spain, it’s a celebration of everything fabulous online. Can you imagine for one moment what life would be like without the internet? Like having to go to a library?! We’re kidding of course, we still love libraries, but we often wonder what the world might be like without Internet Café’s.


About Internet Day in Spain -#Diadeinternet

#Diadeinternet was celebrated for the first time in Spain back in 2005. In that first year, over 500 events throughout Spain were help in the celebration of information. The organisation behind it is called iniciativa de la Asociación de Usuarios de Internet (aui.es).
Internet Day is celebrated as a special project that only benefits society. The information highway as it is today, was developed by the people. This special day aims to show all the possibilities of new technologies, which are made to only improve the standards of living for all people across the world.


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One of the key aspects of Internet Day is the freedom for each of us to decide what we think is best. Everyone can decide their level of involvement and all are recognized as important. In celebration of #diadeinternet we’ve come up with something that helps benefit small businesses in Marbella and the Costa del Sol.

We’re slashing our most important package down by 40%! So instead of paying 350, you only pay 210 – this offer expires in 7 days. Here is what you can expect:
Optimising your web site is one of the first things you need to do after you have built your website. You need to make sure the site is search engine ready, and gets submitted to all search engines including Google. Google Analytics needs to be set-up, along with robot texts or a sitemap.

All of these technical aspects mean something, and help the search engines crawl your site thereby “indexing” the site within the Google rankings. Research for your niche including what keywords and mobile phrases we should be using is also essential. To find out what keywords you need to use, we do an extensive competitors analysis, and find out EXACTLY what it is they do to get to number one. Robot text files are important, you need to tell the search engines what they should look at, but more importantly, what they should NOT look at. After this, you need to get your Metadata and headings in order.

Plush can make your website no matter how big or small, search engine ready. We can help increase leads, but more importantly we can increase your ROI. All of this and more for only a fraction of the cost.
The best part about this deal is we are offering it in both languages. We understand that the Costa del Sol, Marbella, Malaga and the whole of Andalucía is incredibly diverse. Many expats here open small businesses and live out the dream. But what’s your dream really worth if no one is stopping by?

We can change that! Cash in and see what Plush can accomplish for you, all at a huge discounted cost.
Contact us today, and get this offer!

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