How to get backlinks through blogs and posts

Getting backlinks on another site is a particular part of link building and is probably the most difficult for many business owners.

It involves hours of research into what blogs and posts relate to your business, then finding out if this company lets you comment on their posts, then looking to see if their PR rank is high enough so it is worth your efforts; finally waiting for the comment to be approved and so on.

Some websites need you to sign up though Facebook or Google, others let you post, but never moderate their site so your post will never show.

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It is very frustrating work, because you could add comments to 10 different sites but none of them will ever show.

Get Back Links through blog comments

There are some tools available online to help you find the right site to post on, one such free tool to use is drop my link instructions on how to use this site can be found here.

The most popular ways to get backlinks

Many Link Building Specialists recommend you use EDU and GOV sites to get backlinks from , as they usually have a high PR rating and many link builders use these sites for link backs. However, if you’re not in the SEO industry this option will be one of the most complicated to achieve, and really only people in the link building industry know how to get backlinks from these sites at an optimal speed, but most importantly at a NATURAL pace.

Remember, when link building is done super fast, like some companies overseas tend to do, you risk penalisation from Google.

Ask the website owner or moderator

One way for you trying to get a backlink on a GOV or EDU site is by asking students! Students always need money right? So for a small fee, they are happy to go onto their college or uni site and add a link back to your site.

It is surprisingly simple to do this by just going on to Reddit and “hire a redditor”  or post a job on Craigslist.

Here, you post a “job” for students to help you add your site to their EDU websites, and within a couple of minutes you should have an eager applicant.

Be sure to check the work before you pay though, and don’t be greedy, give a fair amount of money to your “employee” because it will have saved you a significant amount of time doing it yourself!

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Join the conversation!

An easier way to get backlinks is through forums and comment sections on other websites and even though we recommend to only use sites with a high PR rating, it is not always necessary. Many little ones make one big one right? So don’t hesitate and get yourself involved in an online discussion or Q & A forum within your niche – this is very important! Make sure you do all this within your niche.

A good way to get link juice is typing a question you might get asked about your business into Google Search or a forum site. Doing this you can what comes up. Many large sites have a Q&A page where the users ask other users for advice. This is where you come in and answer their questions, and it’s possible to direct them to a page on your website where they can find the answer. Again, it is not as simple as it looks, you might need to create thousands of accounts to be able to join in the conversations, but if you put your mind to it, it can be very lucrative and time well spent.

Our top 5 backlink forum sites

Yahoo answers for questions about anything and everything

Digital Point Forums for questions about the digital world

Warrior forum for questions about online media and SEO

Mylot forum not only can you ask any question, you can get paid by answering questions! by far one of the most popular forums, just type in any keyword related to your niche and start answering questions!

Now you know a little more about backlinks through blogs and posts.

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