A Look At Social Media & Mental Health

Most people use social media to not only keep up with friends and family but also keep up with what’s going on around the world as well as looking at news, trends and even to find another job. As a result, social media is quite a powerful resource and can be immensely valuable. However, there is now a greater need to look at the impact of social media on mental health. You should be asking yourself if you’re using social media in the best way.

So, we will now look at 5 tips from claritychi.com that will help you to take care of your mental health while you’re on social media:

Take A Break

Since most people barely have their smart phones away from them, there is always that desire to scroll through social media feeds. However, you should make an effort to take time off from using your phone or other device. It is important that you take some time to be offline and focus on being in the here and now. You can do this by listening to some music, going for walks, cooking or whatever else interests you.

Remember The Filters

What you see on social media is not always what is real, so you should avoid comparing yourself. Most people only share content on social media channels that has been specially selected and edited to make it look a specific way. As a result, once you start comparing yourself to what you see online, you’ll feel inadequate. So, always remember how people use filters to present a better version of themselves and you’ll avoid feeling badly about yourself.

Take Care Of Your Offline Relationships

Even though social media is a great tool that allows you to create and maintain online friendships and relationships, you should not forget your offline relationships as well. You need to have in person interactions and socializing, so make sure you don’t forget to do so. If you only focus on your online relationships, then your offline relationships will suffer.

Have Particular Time Slots For Social Media

It is best that you set aside particular times during the day when you’ll use social media. By making social media an activity with its own time, it will ensure that engage and connect with those that you want to engage in as oppose to mindlessly surfing feeds. This will also ensure that you don’t spend too much time on social media every day.

Remember To Keep A Balance

Social media is a fantastic tool, however, you need to remember to use it in moderation. If you focus on being more mindful of your social media usage, you will see how much time you actually spend on it and how it affects your mood and behavior. Once you become more aware of your own actions, you will be in a much better position to adjust your usage so that you can have a healthy balance.

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