A Guide to Improving Amazon Conversions

Increasing your conversions can lead to a lot more sales on Amazon or any other platform for that matter. It might mean some simple changes, or a large overhaul. Either way improving your CRO is important and beneficial.

1) Play Around With The Psychology Of Colors:

Colors definitely have an unconscious impact on individuals, so implementing them strategically can influence your conversion rates positively.

Blue: This color makes most folks feel secure, trustful, and calm. It’s a good color to use for things such as financial information exchange.

Black: This brings about a powerful feeling of sleek dominance. Use it in regards to high-end and/or luxury products.

Brown: This typically suggests confidence, strength, and reliability. It’s useful for persuading buyers who might be on the fence.

Green: This color suggests peace, relaxation, and wealth. Use it when you need buyers to process something with ease, like if you’re introducing a complicated or new idea to them.

Orange: This color represents excitement, energy, and even aggression. That makes it good for calls-to-action and subscriptions.

Pink: This color is often associated with femininity and romance. As such, use it when you want to market things to girls or women.

Purple: This color helps people feel soothed, and even pampered. Given that, save it for beauty and healthcare products.

Red: This particular color suggests intensity, passion, urgency, and even power. Use it when you want to close a sale.

Yellow: This color is correlated with feelings of youth and optimism. It’s great if you want people to look closer into a product or a deal.

White: This color implies a blank slate with an air of openness. Use it for situations where you want to make a product stand out free of any background noise.

2) Incorporate Questions Into Your Copy:

Look at both of these examples, and then decide which one gets your attention more:

A: Almost half of seniors deal with arthritis. Here are ways you can minimize your own chances.

B: Nearly half of seniors wind up suffering from arthritis. Are you doing all you can to stay in the other half?

When you ask a question, you draw the reader in deeper by actively engaging them. You’re helping them truly reflect on what’s been written and the information you’re presenting to them, rather than just presenting things passively in the hopes that they get hooked. Deeper engagement tends to lead to higher conversion rates. Here is a good piece of content from Mighty Social on the matter.

3) Encourage Shoppers To Add To Their Cart Rather Than Buy:

Of course, you ultimately want them to buy things, but don’t spell it out explicitly. Asking them to buy something involves more commitment than just asking them to put something into their cart. Once someone has something in their cart, they’re only inches away from buying it, which is a little different in terms of strategy. The key is getting them moving through a steady process that doesn’t have them make huge leaps all at once. A sequence of baby steps is more successful for you.

4) Roll Out An Enticing Promotion:

Everyone loves the feeling of getting a great deal. You don’t have to shoot for the moon here, but instead just do enough that it helps shoppers feel like they’re winning as much as buying. Test out various promotions to find out which ones are more effective than others, be it a free something with purchase, X amount off before Y date, free shipping for orders over X, or just a simple buy X and get Y percent off.

5) Make Your Buying Process As Easy As You Can:

Your conversion rate is likely to improve if you streamline the path that goes from browsing to buying, so try things like the following:

Only make one task for a buyer for each landing page.

Instead of text boxes, use colorful buttons to make the selection process easier.

Incorporate a call to action near the bottom of each page that has a serious amount of copy.

Eliminate any fussy or fancy elements to keep everything simple and plain.

Test out various landing pages for your different audiences and sources.

Include a thank you following any purchase, and try to involve some bonus that makes for a memorable transaction so they come back.

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