7 Critical Questions You Should Ask an SEO

To ensure that you find a partner with a good understanding of SEO and what it future holds, that can competently serve both you and your clients, ask them the following 7 questions:

I. How Do You Measure the Success of SEO Campaigns?

You want to use a casino SEO expert who uses metrics such as online sales, leads, phone calls generated, etc. for measuring success. Be wary of any firm that promises to deliver “#1 Rankings”. Ultimately, being ranked #1 doesn’t provide any direct revenue benefits. You also want to see regular reports that focus on relevant metrics as opposed to just your search position.  

II. How Do You Decide Which Search Terms to Focus on?

The aim here is to look for some sort of detailed search term analysis, along with a thorough evaluation of the business model of the website to be optimized. Partners who mention testing terms for determining which will produce the best results get extra credit.

III. How Do You Create Search Optimization Content?

Search-friendly content is presently the name of the game. Carefully creating content that addresses key search terms and ensuring that content is genuinely interesting to real people and search engines is critical.

Partners that create multi-modal content (videos and photo galleries) get big bonus points as do SEO partners with dedicated search copywriters on staff. However, you shouldn’t forget to ask for samples of their content creation.

IV. How Do You Integrate Search Optimization with Other Aspects of Marketing?

The aim here is to identify partners who understand that proper SEO is never done in a vacuum. SEO must also be integrated with public relations, ensuring that search terms related to a new campaign or product are optimized. That’s exactly what you want to see in this response.

V. What Approach Do You Use to Get More Links?

Links play a critical role in search engine optimization. If you don’t have any links even from semi-popular websites that point to your search optimized content, you will have a particularly challenging time unless you are emphasizing search terms that are highly obscure.

That’s why it’s so important to find a partner with a properly defined process as well as proven experience in finding quality links for clients. Competitive analysis, one-to-one link requests, directories, etc. Ask to see samples of their link acquisition campaigns.

VI. What Services Do You Provide Month-to-Month After the Initial Setup?

SEO firms will sometimes put real effort into setting up the search program (picking terms, writing copy, establishing reports, getting a few links) in the first 60 days, only to charge the client hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month thereafter for basically very little work.

Find out exactly what the SEO partner plans to do to improve the campaign on an ongoing basis. You want a partner who will regularly create content, gather new links continuously, and monitor competitors consistently.

VII. What Is Your Best Success Story?

Search optimization is ultimately all about results. If a potential vendor is unable to point to a series of clients for whom they have dramatically increased leads, sales, etc. through measured SEO, avoid such.

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