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It starts with Search Engine Optimisation,the foundation of any good website. SEO is so vital to the success of your online business, store, shop or any other niche you can dream up. The bottom line is if you want to be found online in the 21st century you need SEO, with a hefty helping of other “must do” Online Marketing tactics.

SEO Content & Link Building

If you want to rank your site in the major search engines, particularly Google, you need to work at it, and work hard. You need to start writing your blogs, updating all of your social channels, update your website frequently and with interesting information your visitors will find useful. Then you need to do some link building and bookmarking and so on, and so on. There is a lot involved in ensuring your site ranks high online, but luckily you don´t have to look after it all yourself.


We will tailor make your monthly SEO & SMO packages so you receive exactly the right amount of service you need for your site and your online business.

We will do thorough research for your online content before we start. We will give you a free audit and competitors analysis so you know what your online position is.

With a competitors analysis, we can determine what work will be needed to make your site rank above them.

This way, you will know beforehand how much work will be involved. The important thing to remember is SEO is NOT a cost, but an investment. SEO = ROI, and gets you the leads, customers and sales you need to continue on.

We are also the number one outsource company for local and especially international online media companies. “Spain is the new India” is what many of our clients are saying.

The prices are low, the quality is high and most of all, we speak your language!

The Plush team are experts in online advertisements.

We are certified for Google Adwords, we can increase page likes along with conversions on Facebook, and do direct target marketing with Twitter ads, and LinkedIn ads.

Placing an online advert in Google has become increasingly more difficult. Our staff has completed courses to become officially certified with Google AdWords.

Research is also vital, something many online businesses overlook when they attempt to take care of adverts online themselves. This only results in little conversions and next to no leads with high costs.

At the end of the day, this means one thing – a colossal waste of money. You want the right client to find you and your service or product. By directly targeting your customers/clients, they will be ready to buy because they are specifically searching for your service or product.

This can not be achieved by just placing a simple advert. If you want results you need to do your homework.

Luckily, we have done our homework many times over, and we know exactly what it is you need to ensure your adverts are effective and you get guaranteed conversions.

You know you have to do it, but really, you don´t have the time.

An online business needs content including on your website, on your social channels, and of course on your blog. You have to stay up there with the rest to stand out, and as the online world grows, so does the effort you need to put into your online presence.

By following best practices in online marketing & SEO, you ensure your website is a force to be reckoned with; your competition will take notice. Content is King, and social media is Queen – to stay afloat in the online world you have to keep up. We will write quality and SEO enriched blogs on your behalf, while managing your social channels.

We keep your fans and followers entertained, and ensure your web content is fresh and engaging at all times.

Let us help you look after your online content so you can do what you know best, converting those leads into costumers and looking after them.

Visual marketing is the new content marketing for 2016. Google is all about videos and images, and people no longer want to read, they want to see!

Our company has both fields covered from top to bottom. We have an in-house multimedia team that range from Graphic designers to photographers to videographers and producers.

We know how to make a viral video, and we are good at it! We create logo animations, viral promo videos, impressive photography and are a Google Certified Agent for Virtual tour Photography.


Please see below a selection of services we can provide

All our work is executed in-house with experienced writers and content managers. Please contact us if you need any further information or you would like to receive a quote. We work to meet any budget, and will tailor make a package that fits your project.

Facebook Ads Management Google ads management


Or call +34 951 193 436

Brand Awareness

  • Facebook Advert Management

  • Google Adwords Management

  • LinkedIn Advert & InMail Management

  • Newsletter Creation & Management

  • Graphic Design & Advert Creation

Content Writing

  • Blog & Ghost Writing

  • Social Channels Optimisation

  • Downloadable Pdf´s & E-Books

  • Press Releases & Articles

Content management by Plush Global Media


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Social Media Optimisation Services


Or call +34 951 193 436

Social Media Optimisation & Management

  • Social Media Set up

  • Social Media Management

  • Viral Content Creation

  • VIP Profile Management

Search Engine Optimisation & Management

  • Basic Website Optimisation

  • Advanced Web Site Optimisation

  • SEO Management consultancy

  • Competitors reports

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Landing page creation with A/B split testing

Online Marketing by Plush Global Media


Or call +34 951 193 436



Or call +34 951 193 436

Multimedia Marketing

  • Creative Graphic Designs

  • Google Certified Streetview Virtual Tours

  • Private Virtual Tours

  • Promotional Videos

  • Logo Animations

  • Brochures, Banners & Roll Up’s

  • Advert creations & CTA’s

Powerful Linkbuilding

  • Positive Linkbuilding

  • Negative Linkbuilding

  • Training & Workshops

  • White Hat & Animal Safe

  • Bookmarking & Social Links

  • Reputation Management

Link Building & Online Marketing


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Responsive websites by Plush Global Media


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Web Design & Development

  • Creative Web Designs

  • WordPress Certified

  • Custom Built Websites

  • Hosting & Domain Purchases

  • Online Shop Expert

  • Mobile Responsive & Optimised

  • Maintenence & Error Fixing


Katja Range, RTR Services, Happy Client - Plush Global Media

I love working with Plush Global Media, they know what they are talking about and deliver what they promise in time.

Owner RTR Marbella – Katja Range

Be Unique Belt Happy Client - Plush Global Media

Sonia really helped us set up our online business. She gave us great advice and is looking after all our online media very well.

Founders, Be Unique Belts – Anne & Jorgen

Vicky Chapman KNS - Happy Client, Plush Global Media

Since working with Plush Global Media we have seen a significant influx of clients and leads for our property business.

Owner – KMS Property Solutions – Vicky Chapman


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