Marbella Family Fun partners with Plush Global Media

Marbella 22 February 2016

For over a decade now Plush Global Media has provided business owners with stunning 360º images for their online marketing strategies. At first, the images were uploaded to a private server but soon they became a Google trusted Agency in Spain and, they are now uploading business after business to Google Maps, Local and best of all, Streetview.

Virtual Tours in Marbella

Many online portals saw the potential of having a service such as Plush Global Media added to their portfolio but, up until yesterday, Plush Global Media was hesitant to go into business with them as Sonia Ingriselli, Online Marketing Specialist for Plush Global Media explains:

The amount of online portals that pop up on the coast each year is astonishing! Each year we all think “wow this one’s great! this one will last” only to see them nosedive again after the summer, never to be heard of again after Christmas, and then the whole ritual starts again in January with new directories setting up shop hoping to make a quick buck for the summer.

That was until Plush Global Media was approached by the owners of ( A reputable company on the coast that dedicated its portal to (you guessed it!)  Family Fun in Marbella! has been around for over 6 years now and does really well. They are not in it for the quick money making summer rush in Marbella. They are a serious business that grew organically from a local fun blog to a full blown online portal where all the information about Marbella, including its surrounding areas and local businesses can be found and contacted directly.

Sonia and her partners at Plush Global Media were impressed with the amount of organic and unique traffic receives on their site, and were very interested to hear Robert (owner of the site) out to see how they could work together. Robert Explains:

We wanted to offer our clients something extra, something unique and valuable in addition to their usual listing with our company. We work to drive traffic to the sites of business owners and generate them more clients and leads and adding a virtual tour to their profile was only a natural step towards making our services even more valuable.

Not only do now offer Plush Global Media Virtual Tours in Marbella at an affordable rate, they can now also help to set up your Google Accounts for Google Business + and Google Local and moreover, apart from adding it to your listing the Virtual Tour will also show on Google Maps for everyone to find.

“We are ecstatic to have gone into business with, adding them as one of our trusted Partners in the Online Marketing industry in Marbella. ” continues Sonia Ingriselli,

“It is hard for people to know what companies to trust these days, and by working together with such a reputable company, we hope it will give the people of Marbella a bit more confidence that online marketing is important for any business, including those that might think they are too small! You are never to small to appear in Google!”

Plush Global Media is looking forward to a healthy and prosperous working relationship with Marbella Family Fun with the aim to have added every single business in Marbella and its surrounding areas to the Google Map by the end of 2018.

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